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We’re looking for sponsors to give regular donations to Tough Talk to grow our platform. We want to increase the accessibility and quality of the content, and pay people on the team.

Sustaining the core costs of the platform in its current form amounts to a minimum of $3710 per annum.


As a sponsor you can choose to be recognised on our website and social media – we can share your logo or picture, and a short blurb.

You can also actively contribute to the development of Tough Talk through supplying feedback in response to our sponsorship reports – we will send you information on our successes, challenges, and financials.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sam if there’s anything we can do to benefit you as a sponsor.

Sponsorship options

We have four commonly chosen sponsorship options, which will be recognised if you choose to be acknowledged for your generosity.

$100 per month Typically chosen by small to large organisations.

$50 per month An option suited to generous individuals or small organisations.

$20 per month A suitable option for people making over the living wage.

$10 per month Our most commonly chosen option by people following Tough Talk.

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