Mindfulness Meets CBT

Video Course

The Focus Toolkit

A free online course that teaches you practical skills for calmly focusing your attention and thinking in useful ways.


Mindfulness Training

Podcast Series


An introduction to the basics of mindfulness. Sam teaches you how to focus your attention on three aspects of the present moment: your environment through senses, your body, and your mind. He then teaches you how to focus in a balanced and calm way.


Practise focusing your attention on your breath. A useful technique to find calm through focusing on the sensations of breathing in your body.


Practice focusing your attention on your senses. Train yourself to remain focused on your environment through your senses: sound, touch, taste, smell, and sight. This episode gives you a tool to better focus your attention on activities in your daily life.


Practise focusing your attention on your body. Connect your body and mind by slowing moving your attention through sensations in your body.


Express gratitude for yourself, others, and all. A technique to improve wellbeing and your relationships. Bring to mind what you appreciate about yourself, others, and all life, perhaps even people you find challenging.




Routine: Eat, Sleep, Move.

Living with purpose.

Awareness of alarm bells.

Perspective through talking.

Knowing when to say no.



Nip it in the bud - talk to your mates.

Paddy tells us that a great alternative to bottling up emotions is having a chat with the boys over a few beers. He points out that most people are open to talking about the tough stuff. 



Step back and look at it.

Acknowledge it - "I'm feeling sad".

Let it be - don't reject it or stew on it.

Know your limit.

Indicators for stress.



This short video will show you how visualising anxiety and depression as characters or experiences can improve the way you feel.

Michael tells us about "the monkey", "braided rivers", and "the robber", and how visualising his challenging emotion changes the way he responds to them.



Michael tells us that one of the most important things for him was his mates supporting him by simply being there for him.

Learn how they did this.



Read our full-length blog on how to support your mates.