I joined Tough Talk at the beginning of 2018, making it a team of two. I am originally from Des Moines, Iowa but my heart also considers Colorado home as I lived there for a number of years before coming to New Zealand. My intention was to work on organic farms and in the outdoors as I have a deep passion for regenerating the natural environment. I never could have imagined that I would end up filming a documentary and having such a deep look into the inner landscape of Aotearoa. 

Within 7 days of being here, I found myself filming a conversation between Doug Avery, a South Island farmer, and Sam. It was my first glimpse into the challenges that many New Zealand farmers face. During that interview, I felt a real passion blossoming for what I was doing. That passion has only grown and is still growing today. 

On a day to day level, I manage the marketing & communications, plus do videography and producing. You'll probably notice my videography skills progress from Doug's interview & onward. I have a background in marketing, but none in videography, and I have cherished learning the art form for this cause. I feel a real privilege to come from a far away land and be welcomed with open arms.